Frequently Asked Questions
Is the 50 Days of Success Challenge Real or a Scam?
Oh, the Challenge is real alright. You can learn more about Jon and Trina by watching the video on the About Page.
These high school sweethearts were married in June of 1997 in their hometown of Payson, Arizona.
They have two amazing kids who participate in almost every aspect of their daily lives.
They built the 50 Days Of Success Challenge as a way to give back and help those who need inspiration, direction and a new path in life. The challenge is their gift to all mankind, that we may all become a little better, a little brighter and a little more able day by day.
Is The 50 Days Of Success Challenge Really Free? What's The Catch?
Yes. The 50 Days of Success Challenge is really 100% free. No catch, no strings and no purchase necessary.
We really built the challenge as a "work of heart" and expended many many hours and a lot of our own money to produce and promote it.
Of course we also have coaching products and courses available if you should ever be interested, but the challenge is meant to be a stand alone, free product from our family to you.
May God bless you as he has blessed us and use The 50 Days Of Success Challenge to help you have the success He wants for you in your life.
How Does The 50 Days Of Success Challenge Work?
The 50 Days Of Success Challenge is designed to help you create a pattern and habit of achieving and recording success every day in your life.
Each day for 50 days straight you will receive an email with a link to your next challenge.
Each challenge is set to unlock at 12:15 am in the members own time zone.
You are welcome to complete the challenge at your own pace, however we think it's best if you set up a specific time every day to watch your new challenge and make it your #1 priority each day.
We like to train our clients to take care of themselves first, then take care of others. If you haven't taken care of yourself, it is difficult to give your best to those who need you in their lives, right?
What Qualifies Jon and Trina To Train Others?
Jon started training for this all the way back in his junior year of High School in 1993. It was then he took two years of a Peer Counseling class and learned to appreciate helping his fellow students.
In college, he majored in Psychology at the University of New Mexico, but found the answers he was seeking were not to be found in traditional education.
Over the next 20 years, Jon was on a quest to better understand the human mind and how to get it to function at it's optimum level to help create high functioning individuals who use their life experience to create successful businesses that serve amazing clients.
With over 13,000 hours of professional coaching time with clients, Jon knows how to get his clients focus, driven and on to success!
Trina earned her Bachelors Degree in Education at the University of New Mexico and her Masters in Teacher Leadership from the University of Phoenix. She taught for 10 years in public school and consulted at the highest levels of the Arizona State Department of Education.
Trina is a published author with 3 published books and is also a curriculum and course design specialist.
She has also completed thousands of hours of study and one on one Personal Success Coaching and brought amazing success to every client she has worked with.
She has an intuitive and personal touch that makes clients feel at ease while getting the very best performance out of them.
What If I Miss A Challenge? What should I do?
If you happen to miss a day, the most important thing to do is start right back up tomorrow.
The only thing that matters is continuing to push forward and make successful progress every day. If you miss one, let that one go and get right back on the next challenge.
No need to let things get backed up, just start where you are and KEEP GOING.
If you're feeling extra good, you can always go back and complete any challenges you may have missed.
Nobody ever fails in The 50 Days Of Success Challenge. The only way to lose is to not try.
Where Can I Get Help On The 50 Days Of Success Challenge?
While we save our phone time for our paying clients, we LOVE to interact with all our Challenge Family in our Facebook group.
  You can also reply to any of the daily Challenge emails and it will come directly to our inbox. We do our best to keep up with all the email from you and offer all the help we can.  
How Can I Unlock The Other Programs On The Gunzel Family Brands Site?
While The 50 Days Of Success Challenge is 100% free, the other programs on our site have a wide range of pricing.
You are free to click on any of the locked icons to learn more about our programs with no risk. If it sounds like a program for you, we encourage you to make a purchase or reach out to us for more information.
We are here to serve and look forward to helping you achieve the amazing success you deserve.
I Didn't Receive My Confirmation Email? What Should I Do?
First, be sure you entered your information correctly when you registered (it doesn't hurt to try again if you are not sure)
Second, email can be finicky, be sure to check your SPAM and Promotions folders or any other place email could wind up. We work hard to get our email directly to your inbox but sometimes the first one or two can be a little tricky.
Third, if you still have not received the email, please use the contact us link in the menu at the top of the page to let us know your information and when you signed up and we will get it fixed right away.
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