Wyatt J Gunzel
 Master Social Media Guide, Inspirational Content Creator, and World's Best Public Speaker.
(Oh yeah, and I'm humble, too!)
Wyatt's Origin story

Overcoming Trials, Unlocks Excellence!
It's so cold. That's all I can think as I lie on the examination table at the age of four years old. Where was Mommy, Where was Dadda? Why am I alone?

These questions raced through my mind. the bright light above me blocking out anything and everything around me. Didn't they love me? Where did they go? 

My heartbeat raced out of control with the sound of my heart thumping in my ears. Why am I alone, What did I do wrong. Why am I here? It's so cold.

What I didn't know, was my entire life had just changed, I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called type one diabetes. The Doctors told us many things, but this is what stuck with me the most. "My life would never be the same."

For years I struggled with those questions until one day it hit me. Maybe a whole new life wasn't a bad thing, imagine all the people I could now help because I endured that pain and hardship. That's when I started winning, and I haven't lost since!
I started using my trials and adversities to relate to others and help them awaken the inspiring person they never knew they were all along!

So if you too want to be heard, Use your story, and leave a lasting impact that's never been felt before. You've come to the right place because lasting happiness is right on the other side.

Wyatt J Gunzel
Why Should I Work With Wyatt?
  •  Experienced public speaker and master of communication.
  •  Master Content Creator.
  • ​Head coach and Creator of the overcoming confidence course.
  • ​Master Social media expert.
  • ​Easy to follow, speak with, and friend to all.
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